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Why You Need to Get to Grips With Voice Search

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By 2020, it’s predicted that at least half of all internet searches will be made through voice search. It’s likely that this is due to convenience, with many users citing faster results and the ease of not having to type out long phrases.

This suggests that voice search improves the customer experience, which can drive more traffic to your site and lead to more sale conversions – providing you have considered other factors to enhance the customer journey, including your site speed and being mobile-friendly.

So how come only 5% of marketing budgets are allocated to voice search technology? Brands have a real opportunity to get on top of voice engine optimisation; ensuring your website is answering the questions that your target audience wants to know via their voice searches should be the first step you make. This could be achieved through a series of informative blog posts uploaded to your site.

The most valuable marketing factor of voice search is probably the increased value of position zero on Google. Search results who occupy position zero have maximum online visibility as they sit in a featured snippet at the top of all Google searches.

Voice search will continue to favour position zero, increasing the power of improving your ranking on Google. Make sure your business is Google-friendly by ensuring your Google business listing is visible and accurate.

The voice search function is also becoming more and more intelligent. It has the ability to differentiate between voices to store more accurate data and create more personalised content, and has significantly improved its word recognition accuracy.

However, this means that if you are not utilising voice search, you may be allowing your competitors to be found more easily. In some cases, consumers may be searching directly for you via voice search but are led to a competitor’s site due to lack of intelligence about your company.

With over 30,000 skills available on Alexa, here are some of our favourite marketing strategies that have incorporated the voice search function so far:

Domino’s – Domino’s have a character called Dom who interacts with users to make pizza orders and answer queries in a ‘fun’ way.
Nestle – the GoodNes skill provides you with recipes. It will even email you the recipe and the utensils needed to prepare the meal.
PayPal – voice authorised transactions. Users can now send and request money in 30 countries across the world.

The main consideration for voice search should be the effect it will have on SEO, providing the opportunity to enhance the customer experience. By getting to grips with using voice search in your marketing strategy, it can lead to higher website traffic to get ahead of your competition.

We’re always on hand to provide you with the best advice on how you can begin, develop and enhance your marketing strategy.

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