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Why Employee Health and Well being matters

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It is suggested that when the following 4 needs are met at work, we are happier:

  • Physical – chance to recharge
  • Emotional – The need to feel valued
  • Mental – Focus, to decide when, where and how we get the work done
  • Spiritual – Higher purpose. How we make a difference

Social media has made people available 24/7, it can be hard to know when to switch off.

The lines between work and personal life can become blurred, therefore leading to a higher level of stress which in turn can reduce employee productivity. It can also have a negative impact on employee well being.

When we are happy and healthy at work this can spill over and add benefit to other areas of life. Everyone has a tipping point. The tipping point between mental health and mental illness can occur when coping strategies cease to work. When someone’s resources either personal or at work are not adequate enough to deal with the demands that are being placed on them.

Taking time to know your staff and how they function individually.

When managers take the time to know their staff then they can become more aware of what stresses they are dealing with.

Placing an emphasis on employee health and well being contributes to an employee’s overall productivity and engagement within the business.

When an employee is thriving, engaged and enjoying their work they are less likely to look for another job.

Happier and healthier employees are shown to regularly outperform those who are in organisations which do not promote health and well being.

“Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business.” Richard Branson

There is a trend that says good health is good business. It is therefore beneficial to implement a health scheme.

It appears to be a win-win situation.

Still there are many businesses that do not implement health and well being into their business.

My own experience

Two contrasting experiences of where in two different companies I experienced workplace bullying and harassment.

In one instance I was listened to, able to talk about my experience and was supported and understood by the organisation and steps were taken to discipline the person who was bullying me.

The outcome.

I stayed in the job and my well being and productivity started to improve. This company had strategies in place to look after their staff.

On the second occasion I left because employee well being was not taken into account. I had no one to talk to and felt very isolated with my experience.

So then:

  • Providing value is what you do as a company
  • Managers taking the time to get to know their staff and what motivates them to do their best is very important
  • Away days to get to know your staff outside the pressure of the workplace
  • Being Emotionally Intelligent in the workplace is key
  • Make sure you are aware of when an employee is struggling

Do you have an organisational counsellor they can talk to?

If not, I offer counseling in the workplace.

I can also give talks on:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • How to be more Assertive
  • Building your confidence and self-esteem
  • Conflict resolution

I can be reached on 07789 442479


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