What to consider when searching for lab space for your business

What to consider when searching lab space for your business

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Finding the right lab space can be a challenge for businesses, particularly those in the life sciences, medical and formulation testing sectors that need bespoke requirements and fit outs.


Various factors need to be taken into consideration to ensure you find a suitable environment that can be adapted for research, development and testing activities.


Here is what to consider when searching for lab space for your business:


Location and accessibility:

When selecting lab space, location can play a vital role.  Consider proximity to research institutions, universities, and other industry-specific resources.  Choosing a location with a thriving life sciences ecosystem can foster collaboration and access to talent.


Additionally, ensure convenient access to transportation networks for the movement of samples, equipment and personnel.  This accessibility will facilitate efficient operations and support timely delivery of research outcomes.


Infrastructure and equipment:

Evaluate the existing infrastructure and available equipment within the lab space. Consider the specific needs of your industry, such as specialised equipment for medical or formulation testing purposes.  Ensure the facility meets regulatory requirements and has the necessary permits and certifications.


Collaborative spaces for knowledge sharing and access to cutting-edge technology can also add value to your lab space selection.


Space flexibility and scalability:

Consider both present and future requirements when assessing lab space. Flexibility is crucial to accommodate changing research needs and potential growth.  Ensure the space allows for reconfiguration and customisation, with options for expansion as your business evolves.


Scalable lab spaces offer the advantage of reducing relocation efforts and costs as you expand your operations.


Regulatory compliance and safety:

Compliance with regulatory standards and safety protocols is paramount in the life sciences, medical and formulation testing sectors. Verify the presence of appropriate safety measures, including emergency protocols, ventilation systems and waste disposal processes.


Prioritising compliance and safety ensure the integrity of your research and protects the well-being of your team.


Supportive amenities and services:

Consider the availability of supportive amenities and services in and around the lab space.  Access to utilities, such as reliable power supply and high-speed internet, is essential for seamless operations. Additionally, proximity to suppliers, logistics services and facilities for waste management can enhance efficiency.  Quick and efficient delivery of supplies is essential to keep the daily production of a line running.


Collaborative spaces, on-site cafeterias and recreational areas can also contribute to a positive work environment and foster employee satisfaction.


Lab space at the 3M BIC

We pride ourselves on providing a flexible service at the 3M BIC as we understand that all businesses will have varying bespoke needs and requirements when it comes to lab space.


We boast small labs, larger labs, and office/ lab combos to suit companies at all stages of growth that can be fitted out to accommodate the needs of the business.


The 3M BIC is conveniently situated next to the University of Huddersfield’s research capabilities, and is equidistant between major Northern cities – Manchester, Leeds, and Sheffield – with key bus, motorway, and rail links.

Selecting lab space for businesses in the life sciences, medical and formulation testing sectors is a decision that requires thoughtful consideration.  By prioritising factors such as location, infrastructure, flexibility, compliance, and support services, you can ensure a conducive environment for innovation, research, and development.


Find out more about our available lab space at the 3M BIC here.


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