What is 3D Visualisation?

3d visualisation

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3D visualisation is the process of creating photo-realistic images or animations using specific 3D software that can bring a concept to life.

It involves creating computer-generated representations of objects, spaces or concepts in three dimensions. Through modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering, it can produce lifelike visualisations that allow viewers to experience virtual representations of the real world.

3D visualisation can be a cost-effective way to visualise a scene or product before going on to create the real thing as it can produce a hyper-realistic version of an object or scenario that would otherwise be impossible to create. For example, if it is prohibitively expensive to create or perhaps even dangerous, in the case of a virtual environment or scenario, such as sinking at sea.

3D visualisation can also be used to fully understand the functionality of a device, so products can be visualised as a disassembled scale model.

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How is it used?

3D visualisation can be used in numerous sectors:


  • Architecture and Interior Design

3D visualisation enables architects and designers to present realistic 3D renderings of buildings, interiors and landscapes to clients, providing them with a clear vision of the outcome. This facilitates informed decisions and valuable feedback before construction begins.


  • Product design and manufacturing

In product design, 3D visualisation allows designers to develop and present product concepts in a realistic and interactive manner. It aids in prototyping, testing and refining designs before moving into production. This allows designers to analyse form, ergonomics and functionality, ensuring the product meets desired specifications.


  • Marketing and advertising

3D visualisation has revolutionised marketing and advertising by delivering immersive experiences. Marketers utilise 3D visualisation for product catalogues and architectural walkthroughs that engage and captivates consumers; it also allows for feedback during the design process and any amends to ensure the final concept is fit for purpose, saving both time and money.

A construction company, for example, might want to sell new houses before building has started, or a car manufacturer might want to pre-sell bespoke sports cars before production commences.


  • Entertainment and gaming

The entertainment industry heavily relies on 3D visualisation to create visually compelling experiences. From lifelike characters and landscapes, 3D visualisation brings fantasy worlds to life, enhancing storytelling in movies, animation, and video games.


What are the advantages?

There are several advantages of using 3D visualisation, including:


  • Enhanced communication and collaboration

By presenting concepts in visually realistic and interactive ways, 3D visualisation facilitates effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders. Clients, designers and manufacturers can align their visions, reducing misunderstandings and streamlining decision-making processes.


  • Time and cost savings

3D visualisation significantly reduces the time and costs associated with traditional prototyping and physical modelling. This agility enables faster design cycles, reducing time-to-market and increasing overall efficiency.


  • Realism and immersion

The unmatched realism of 3D visualisation enables viewers to experience products, spaces, or concepts in a tangible and immersive manner. Photorealistic renderings and animations create strong emotional connections, aiding stakeholders in comprehending and appreciating the envisioned result.


3D visualisation at the 3M BIC

At the 3M BIC, we have hardware and software to produce 3D visualisations for virtual reality, augmented reality, standard 2D static visualisations and video marketing, and have worked with several clients across the car manufacturing, heritage, glazing and have worked with several clients across the automotive, heritage, glazing and architectural sectors providing visualisation services.

Previous 3D visualisation projects at the 3M BIC include:

  • Recreating a former cloth hall that was due for demolition.
  • Creating an animated walk-through of a large University campus.
  • Developing a LMP1 model racing car to promote at a sales event.
  • Recreating well-known historic buildings in glass.
    • Creating a product animation for marketing content to complement existing 3D printed prototype.
    • Producing a detailed walkthrough inside 3M BIC building, including a digital tour of each floor’s rooms and facilities.
  • Developing an overview animation of the 3M BIC, highlighting rooms and facilities.
    • Creating an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) walkthrough experience of the 3M BIC building.


Our Innovation and Technology team can use 3D visualisation to turn your ideas into reality. Find out more here.

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