What are Knowledge Transfer Partnerships?

What are KTPs?

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In today’s business climate, companies are constantly seeking innovative strategies to drive growth and maintain a competitive edge. This is where KTPs can help. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are a collaboration between an academic institution, such as the  University of Huddersfield, and a company to help bridge the innovation gap.


The primary goal of a KTP is to synergise academic knowledge and expertise with the practical needs of businesses, enabling the transfer of cutting-edge research and innovation into tangible, real-world applications.


A KTP operates through a three-way partnership involving the business, the academic institution, and a highly skilled graduate known as the KTP Associate.


Lean more about the KTP process below.

Identifying business challenges.

The company identifies specific strategic challenges or opportunities that require expertise beyond its current capabilities. These challenges form the foundation of the KTP project.

Collaboration with academia.

The business establishes a collaborative partnership with a suitable academic institution or research organisation possessing relevant expertise in the target field. This collaboration provides access to the latest research, facilities, and academic knowledge.

Recruitment of KTP Associate.

A talented graduate, known as the KTP Associate, is recruited to work within the company. The KTP Associate is the conduit between the academic partner and the business, facilitating knowledge transfer, embedding new skills and implementing innovative solutions.

Project Implementation.

Under the guidance of academic and company supervisors, the KTP Associate undertakes a research project aimed at addressing the identified challenges. This could involve developing new products, refining processes, adopting advanced technologies, or exploring novel business strategies.

Knowledge transfer and impact

Throughout the project duration, knowledge flows between the academic institution and the business. The KTP Associate plays a critical role in translating academic insights into practical applications, fostering innovation and driving business growth.


KTPs at the University of Huddersfield

Local companies, such as Paxman Scalp Cooling and AUS, have taken advantage of numerous KTPs at the University of Huddersfield in recent years to structure their R&D programmes.


Through KTPs at the University, Paxman developed a groundbreaking scalp cooling system to reduce hair loss during chemotherapy. This has helped tens of thousands of cancer patients across the globe.


AUS was able to develop products for rail electrification through its KTPs, resulting in 80 products being developed, the creation of 6 new roles and accelerated business growth.


By leveraging the synergies between academic institutions, businesses, and talented graduates, KTPs facilitate the transfer of knowledge, foster collaboration and deliver tangible solutions to real-world challenges.


Embracing a KTP empowers businesses to stay at the forefront of their industries, seize new opportunities, and drive sustainable growth in an ever-evolving marketplace.


If you are interested in KTPs at the University of Huddersfield, contact ktp@hud.ac.uk today to find out more.


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