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University scientists make amazing breakthrough in 3D printing of human tissue

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University of Huddersfield researchers push forward one of medicine’s most exciting developments.

Ground-breaking research that could see surgeons repair damaged human tissue with the help of 3D printing is under way in Huddersfield.

The potential for using 3D bioprinters to produce replacement human tissue is one of the most exciting developments in medical science.

Now researchers at the town’s university have made a breakthrough that could expand the scope and use of the technology.

Clinics have the potential to carry out MRI scans on a patient and feed the resulting data to a 3D printer to produce a non-toxic synthetic replica of the tissue that is defective – such as a “plug” to be implanted into a damaged joint.

However, human tissue is often a combination of stiff and soft material – such as bone and cartilage – and there have been problems using bioprinters to replicate the softer layers because the polymers used have a very low viscosity. That means they are too liquid-like to allow further layers to be added to create the required shape.

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