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Top innovations of 2020

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Top innovations of 2020

Despite the impact of the pandemic, organisations have continued to innovate. Our Design and Visualisation Manager Paul Tallon, who works with companies across the region to design new or improved products through our technologies on Innovation Avenue, shares some of his top innovations that have emerged during 2020.

These pioneering inventions look set to change our futures, so check them out!

  1. Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST)

Britain has just unveiled its Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST) Upgrade, which is a ground-breaking piece of technology. The revamped fusion reactor is still currently under development as the amount of power that is required to fuel the reactor is almost as much as what is output, so there are a few kinks to iron out but when they do, this technology is a way for us to have 100% clean nuclear energy.

  1. Mission to Mars

A historic NASA mission to Mars was launched in 2020 and will touch down in February 2021. This will be a significant mission as they will use a helicopter drone which will be the first ever to scan the skies of Mars.

  1. Boston Dynamics SPOT Robot

Boston Dynamics SPOT Robot looks set to change the face of logistics by scanning 100,000 assets and surveying a 200,000 square meter shipyard through visual asset tracking technology, computer vision, and 360° imagery. As a result of this and other successes, Boston Dynamics will be rolling out larger scale global sales of the robot.

  1. Smart cars

Fxd is an interesting car based diagnostic tool that will turn your vehicle into a smart car. You just fix the sensor to your car, download the app and it can detect when you need to bring your car in for maintenance or why the engine light came on. This simple technology will be revolutionary if it is as good as it says it is.,news-25213.html

  1. Energy Kite

Potentially controversial due to its complex engineering and potential pit falls but an interesting use of technology, energy kites promise to deliver wind power in places conventional wind farms cannot be built, such as along coastlines, providing millions of people with sustainable energy.

Drive forward your product development in 2021

For companies looking to innovate in 2021, we are offering a new ‘Design Diversification’ service to help develop new product ideas or to refresh and update an older product. Businesses looking to innovate will benefit from support from an experienced product designer resulting in a 2D product realisation.

Those seeking prototype production and CAD files suitable for manufacture can take advantage of design support and a working prototype printed on a polymer 3D printer (subject to technical limitations). To reduce cost of materials, generative design techniques can also be applied to ‘light-weight’ your product.

For more information about the ‘Design Diversification’ offer at the 3M BIC, click here or to arrange a product design consultation, contact the design team on 01484 505601 or

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