The power of local business collaboration

fostering good relationships

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At the 3M BIC, fostering local collaboration is at the heart of what we do, whether it’s building connections among businesses within our building or across the wider region

We take pride in being more than office space, building a community on trust and respect, where meaningful relationships flourish among our businesses, staff, partners, and members.

From sharing insights to offering assistance , our businesses at the 3M BIC regularly come together, not only to seek advice but also to connect on a personal level.

Here’s why we believe in the power of local business collaboration:


  1. Proximity can lead to opportunity

Local businesses, particularly those within the same building, create a natural environment for collaboration. From casual encounters in shared spaces like lobbies and kitchens to networking opportunities, being face-to-face can foster spontaneous interactions and knowledge exchange. These chance encounters often spark innovative ideas, lead to new partnerships, or uncover synergies that might not have been discovered otherwise.


  1. Access to shared resources

Collaborating with local businesses offers access to shared resources and amenities. Whether it’s shared conference rooms, specialised equipment, or even bulk purchasing discounts from nearby suppliers, leveraging local resources can lead to cost savings and operational efficiencies. This shared infrastructure reduces the need for redundant investments and allows businesses to focus their resources on core competencies.


  1. Collective problem solving

Local businesses can come together to tackle shared problems collaboratively. Whether it’s addressing local infrastructure issues, advocating for better zoning regulations, or coordinating on community initiatives, pooling resources and expertise can lead to more effective solutions.


  1. Knowledge exchange

Collaborating with local businesses from different industries or sectors fosters the cross-pollination of ideas. Exposure to diverse perspectives, experiences and approaches stimulates creativity and innovation. These interdisciplinary collaborations often result in breakthrough innovations and competitive advantages.


Businesses at the 3M BIC often take advantage of metrology expertise to ensure new products are precise, gain IP advice or can learn how to adopt AI into their businesses.


  1. Strengthening local networks

Building relationships with local businesses strengthens local networks and fosters a sense of community. Networking events, collaborative projects and joint initiatives create opportunities for businesses to connect, share knowledge and support each other’s growth.

  1. Enhancing customer experience

Collaborating with local businesses can enhance the customer experience. Businesses can co-host events or join forces if their services complement each other’s.  These partnerships create added value for customers and strengthen local ties.


By embracing collaboration with local companies and actively engaging with the community, businesses can unlock new opportunities for growth, tap into shared resources and contribute to the vibrancy and resilience of their local economy.


If you want to be a part of our collaborative environment, find out more here.

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