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The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust – Up and Running by Sarah Dransfield

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The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust is the only UK charity funding medical research specifically into cancer affecting teenagers and young adults, where it can frequently strike in dangerous and complex forms.  The Trust also funds measures to improve the quality of life for young cancer patients, both during and in the aftermath of their illnesses.  Support is offered to all of the hospitals throughout the UK which treat teenage cancer (currently 39).

Sarah Dransfield is one of the teenagers who have benefited from the great work of The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust and we are proud to publish her latest blog all about her new running blade- take a read!


Well I have finally got a blade… and I love it!

In my last blog I was hoping to be up and running (literally) and now I am! It is the best feeling to be running again. But at the same time it also feels very strange. It is a different kind of running to a normal kind of run with 2 legs. So I have to really focus to stay upright and trust that the leg is going to catch me on my next stride.

My first real public outing in my blade was to the super hero fun run back in September! It was challenging to say the least. Huddersfield isn’t the best place to be an amputee as prosthetic legs and hills don’t seem to like each other so it was very testing! It did feel good to run by the side of Helen though and enjoyed the atmosphere and the autumnal fresh air. Although there were lots of acorns which were difficult to avoid.

It’s now great I’ve got the option to go and run whenever. However, I do need to build up on my fitness as it is very tiring! I must be the most unfit person around! Although saying that I haven’t actually run for about 6 years so I think that is understandable. I have to really concentrate on my balance, on my blade, on my core and also watching where I am going. I learnt this the hard way last week. I pushed myself a little too much and ended up on the floor face down. It shocked me but I’m sure that will be the first fall of many!

I am planning on starting a running club so I can learn the technique a little bit better. As right now I am teaching myself.

A life goal of mine would be to become a Paralympian but right now that feels like 1 million miles away. I guess that if I train hard and enjoy running then you never know where it might take me!


To find out more about The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust go to



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