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Success after success for the Enterprise Team

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2017 is getting off to a flying start for the Enterprise Team based within the Duke of York Young Enterprise Centre (DOYYEC) at the 3M BIC, with many awards and successful funding bids.

The DOYYEC supports current students and recent graduates from the University of Huddersfield in taking their first step towards freelancing, self-employment and business start-up through its programme of events, support opportunities and in-house business advisors.

Business advisor Paul Greetham was recently awarded the Higher Education Enterprise Catalyst Award at the National Enterprise Educator Awards. Paul has been instrumental in the development of not only the Enterprise Team, but also of regional initiatives such as Yorkshire universities’ collaboration with the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales’ Coaching for Investment Readiness Programme.

The Enterprise Team, in partnership with the School of Computing and Engineering, successfully secured a HEFCE Catalyst Bid to explore ‘experimental and innovative teaching and learning’. The service already offers a sector-specific variant on its Enterprise Placement Year (EPY) for fledgling computer games development companies, as well as the addition of a group of music production students to the programme.

The Enterprise Team is hosting an EEUK Enterprise Exchange Event with the University of Portsmouth on Enterprise Placement Years. It will take place at the DOYYEC in May, attended by other EEUK member institutions. These events focus on extending the breadth and depth of delegates’ knowledge of enterprise and entrepreneurship education through exchange of information, practical tips and techniques and showcasing examples of good practice from around the UK.

Business advisor Catherine McGrath secured one of the first EEUK Richard Beresford Bursaries, that supports the personal development of enterprise and entrepreneurship educators and practitioners, to advance the team’s work around impact measurement.

And finally, head of student and graduate business start-up, Philip Clegg, was elected to the Board of Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) in September and recently admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts which will open up further opportunities. Together with co-author Dr Kelly Smith (University of Coventry) he also recently had a book chapter, ‘Entrepreneurship Education: Experiencing Business Start-Up through an Enterprise Placement Year’, accepted for publication by Emerald.

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