Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


3M Buckley Innovation Centre is a centre for enterprise and innovation contributing to regional economic growth and productivity, with a strong emphasis on supporting SMEs. 3M BIC is run as a subsidiary company of the University of Huddersfield.

In the development of this policy it is recognised that the centre has benefited from investment from public sources in addition to the University, including the European Regional Development Fund, Kirklees Council, the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership & West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

It is important therefore that we work collaboratively with our strategic partners for the benefit of Kirklees and the wider region, contributing to the broader aims of economic prosperity and inclusive growth.


This policy covers the operations of the 3M BIC organisation and its interactions with businesses, strategic partners and the wider community including schools, colleges, charities and other organisations with a social purpose.
Where relevant, this policy will also align with the University’s policies.


To affirm the commitment of the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre to socially responsible principles within an enterprise and innovation context and to set out those priority areas in which we will seek to make a proactive contribution.

Policy Statements:

  • Access to conference and meeting rooms – we provide space at reasonable rates for business and University events. We will occasionally provide meeting space at a reduced rate or pro bono where there is a broader benefit to the regional economy.  We do not offer meeting space free of charge for charitable events as our core purpose is to provide a professional environment for businesses to grow and innovate.
  • Access to technologies – we have a rich resource of technology facilities for SMEs to use, with charges to cover staff time, equipment maintenance and materials consumed. We offer guided tours monthly for businesses, academics and overseas visitors interested in gaining awareness of the centre and its facilities. We cannot accommodate children, however, we will encourage planned teacher CPD events based in the centre to increase awareness of the technologies and skills of the future.
  • Environmental sustainability – we have an environmental sustainability policy which encourages minimisation of energy, fossil fuels and other finite resources, as well as promoting sustainable travel, procurement and waste recycling initiatives amongst our staff, tenants and visitors.
  • Voluntary & charitable activities – we encourage our staff and tenants to support voluntary and charitable activities as part of the 3M BIC community, including occasional pop-up fundraisers for cancer research and similar causes and well-being sessions run by volunteers. We will support staff with paid time off, for those who wish to commit a day per year during work time, to a voluntary activity with a charity or community group as part of an ongoing commitment.
  • Work with schools and colleges – we will work with a number of local schools and/or colleges each year to enable teachers to experience the facilities of 3M BIC as part of their programmes to improve wider careers and enterprise education. Time permitting, we will also offer some limited outreach visits to educational settings to promote awareness of 3-D printing and similar future-oriented technologies.
  • Sponsorship – we have very limited marketing budgets, however, we do associate with initiatives with local partners in the business community and with civic partners to promote innovation including for example running events during Huddersfield Business Week.

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