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Science fiction to science fact

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We are really excited to announce that the 3M BIC will be one of the first places in the North to experience the new Microsoft HoloLens, which is being launched in the UK in November.

Microsoft HoloLens is made of specialised components that enable holographic computing, which enable you to move freely and interact with holograms.

The HoloLens is more than virtual reality (VR) where a user enters the virtual world. Instead, it superimposes the virtual world over the “real” one allowing the user to simultaneously interact with both the objects around them and representations of the same objects.

For example, if you’re studying the workings of an engine, turbine, pump or the anatomy, you will be able to see the internal parts in a virtual form overlaying the real object. Or if you’re working in a hazardous environment, you can see it recreated without the risk of entering.

We will be introducing the HoloLens to our tenants, network members and business partners soon, but if you want any further information now, please speak to Michael, our technology director or Paul, our lead designer.

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