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EY Foundation Student shadows our Product Designer

Product Designer Anastasis and Raheema working on CAD design

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EY Foundation student Tabeyya joined us for a couple of days to gain work experience, shadowing our product designer Anastasis.

The EY Foundation is an independent charity supporting young people from low-income backgrounds get paid work experience, employability skills training and career guidance.

Tabeyya talks us through her time at the 3M BIC, what she learnt and the most exciting part of her work experience. 

What are your first impressions of the 3M BIC?

My first impression of the 3M BIC is that the staff are very friendly and they made me feel comfortable communicating with them.

What projects have you been doing?

On the first day I learned about product designing and saw past projects, also learned to use different features to make shapes in CAD (computer aided design) using Solidworks. Then on the second day we manipulated shapes and created lattice structures using 3DsMAX to design a leaf-shaped pen holder and then printed it using a machine called Ultimaker (Filament Deposition Modelling). Lastly, on the third day I leaned a bit about FEA (finite element analysis) and we compared and assessed different lattices and their stress properties.

Who did you shadow from the team and what did you learn from them?

I shadowed Anastasis Constanti who is the product designer at the 3M BIC.  During my time here I learnt different things about engineering and how the subjects I’m
studying can be related to it. I also learned that you can always progress in your career if you work hard and its important to be consistent.

What has been the most exciting thing you’ve done or learnt about?

The most interesting thing I have learnt is how products are designed and printed from a machine called Ultimaker (Filament Deposition Modelling).

What subjects are you currently studying?

I’m currently studying Chemistry, Biology and Maths.

What are you career aspirations?

I want to do something that is healthcare related like medicine or pharmacology.


Learn more about the EY Foundation here

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