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NPL’s Andy to run 250km

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Some tenants within the 3M BIC will know that my mother suffers from Dementia, a terrible disease where you slowly witness a loss in sufferer’s memories and personality – it’s like they are drifting away from you and become harder and harder to recognise. Despite this, my mom is still a wonderful person with the best smile in the world when she is happy.

I’ve got used to her not recognising me as her son now, we just laugh about it when I remind her of who I am or who my wife is (she usually calls Julie one of her dearest friends, which is also true).

It has taken a while, but money is now starting to be spent on research into dementia-related diseases (mom has vascular dementia) with some small breakthroughs starting to emerge. However, it is likely to be years before any significant improvements reach the market and this will take much more expenditure at a time where money is hard to come by.

Like all charities, what we can do is show our generosity (which the general public always do) by donating what we can when we can.

This challenge which I am taking on, to be honest, is a doddle for me – running 100km in a few months is easy (and I even enjoy running), but I wanted to do something, and this is a great charity to support, which will make the most of our money and spend it in the right places. So, I’ll do it, and I’ll collect whatever money I can. They set a nominal target of £100, which would be great, more would be better – but I’d be happy to meet the target.

However, my friends and family have made my challenge a bit harder – I have a stretch target of 250km, which is do-able. But… the hardest target I have been set is to wear an Aston Villa football shirt for the last 10 miles (16 km) of the initial 100km – no doubt there will be many cameras ready to record this. Those who know me know that I am an ardent Birmingham City supporter, so this is a cruel challenge, but one that I will take on as people have pledged a lot of money for me to do it. This is my hardest challenge!

If you are willing to support me I’d be grateful. Please follow this link:

Thanks for your support, for me, my family, and especially for my mom.

Andy Morris

Laboratory manager – NPL

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