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New tenant Boud Minerals gives us an insight into the company

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Boud Minerals was founded in 1984 and today remains a wholly owned independent family business. Our main production and distribution centre is based in Lincolnshire, adjacent to Port Sutton Bridge enabling the handling of bulk shipments by sea, dramatically reducing our reliance on road haulage. We have a blending and packing facility in Höganäs, Sweden.

Boud Minerals are a leading processor and provider of decorative and functional materials to industry. Our reputation has been built on flexibility in both production and packing, collaboration in providing logistics support and reliability in meeting required timescales. Quality is key to our operation and we have been ISO 9001 accredited since 1994.

Using our extensive knowledge of blending, coating, manufacturing, packaging and processing, we work with our customers to deliver bespoke solutions to make their products easier to handle and their production processes simpler.

Boud Minerals apply this knowledge to Boud Microspheres, our range of lightweight fillers. We can prepare custom blends with unique properties by blending Expancel DET microspheres, Hollow Glass Spheres and Cenospheres with each other, with a dry powder or liquid. Any of our blends can be provided in bespoke packing sizes.

Expancel microspheres are thermoplastic hollow spheres encapsulating a hydrocarbon gas. When the microspheres are heated, the thermoplastic shell softens and the internal gas pressure increases, causing the spheres to expand approximately 40 times in volume. The expansion results in Expancel DET, an extremely lightweight microsphere with resilient properties.

The expansion technique used for producing Expancel DET is used by Boud Minerals to bring down costs, make production more environmentally friendly and improve product availability.

Expancel DET can improve elasticity, resilience and sandability. The microspheres can also be used to lower gloss and create a soft-touch suede effect finish.

Boud Minerals produce and deliver Expancel DET in various grades, to different densities, including some not available before.

Expancel DET with its extremely low density can be very difficult to handle. To fulfil customer needs Boud Minerals developed and produced a product which is easier to work with called BML Microspheres. Boud Minerals process the dry, expanded microspheres combining with DiOctyl Adipate (DOA) to offer a pre-wetted version of Expancel DET which allows full dispersion of the microspheres in your formulation with lower agitation, as the wetting procedure is performed rapidly in comparison to dry, expanded microspheres.

Hollow Glass Spheres, small spheres of chemically stable, water resistant borosilicate glass, are a high strength low density filler used to reduce weight and improve processing. Hollow Glass Spheres are used in combination with Expancel DET in sub-sea applications to improve dimensional stability, while achieving low density.

Cenospheres complete our Boud Microspheres product range. Cenospheres are lightweight, inert, free-flowing, low density, hollow spheres made of alumina-silicate. Cenospheres Grey have a very low carbon foot print as they are a by-product of fly-ash. Cenospheres Grey are used in commercial and industrial applications to impart easier application, higher strength, improved fire resistance, improved sound insulation, improved thermal insulation, reduced shrinkage and reduced weight. Cenospheres White are used in applications where colour is more important as their colour fire resistance and inert characteristics are critical to performance finding use in growing media, gas, oil, pre-fabricated sanitary elements and refractory materials. A specific application is 3D printing.

To learn more about our products, find out how we work to support product development  and discover how we can help you improve product handling to make your process simpler please get in touch:

Tracey Ferry | Technical Sales Executive

Boud Minerals Limited | West Bank, Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire PE12 9UR, UK

Tel: +44 (0)1406 351988 | Mob: +44 (0)7825 397002 | Email:

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