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Name: Funkeln Ltd
Contact Name: Tinu Varkey
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Funkeln Ltd

“Cities face numerous challenges related to climate adaptation, mobility and energy. Funkeln is a startup that is trying to ease this challenge by coming up with an eco-friendly solution thereby overcoming the looming climate crisis. There is a need to ensure that cities are optimised for sustainable economic activity, energy consumption, and environmental effect, we need smart sustainable solutions. We are developing groundbreaking solution through innovative research and studies for a sustainable, smart, digital cities and helping to shape a circular economy. This will aid in the cities’ transition to a low-carbon pathway, making them the healthiest, most sustainable, and most livable cities in the future”.

Mission: To develop ground-breaking solution through innovative research for a sustainable, smart, digital cities and shaping a circular sustainable city economy.

Vision: To be a pioneer in providing innovative solution for designing a sustainable city, shaping a circular economy thereby contributing for achieving the target set by Paris agreement on climate change.

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