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Name: Avaline Holding
Contact Name: Mr Gavin Sui
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Telephone: +44 (0) 1484 480029

Avaline Holding

Avaline Holding is the parent company of Avaline School, also known as “蔚翎学校” in Chinese, and Avaline Assessment & Qualifications. Avaline School is a British institution with several campuses in Asia.

This school is dedicated to assisting students in entering some of Britain’s premier private schools and universities through Avaline qualifications. For example, Avaline® Diploma Level 3 qualification is a one-year course meticulously designed for those students who would like to enter into British Bachelor’s degree programmes.

Classic A-level knowledge in various subjects, British culture and British approaches to teaching and learning are all involved in this course, enabling students to adapt and be prepared to their Bachelor’s degree programmes in the UK. By finishing this course, students will achieve an academic level slightly beyond the academic limits of A level, thereby entering the Bachelor’s degree programmes suitable for their academic abilities and interests.

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