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Who we are

Kromek is a UK radiation detection solutions Group that provides digital colour x-ray and gamma ray detection and imaging. Our products enable direct materials identification in the security screening, civil nuclear and medical imaging markets.

With operations in the UK and US, Kromek sells internationally with partnerships and distribution channels in Asia, Europe, and North America, to a global customer base ranging from national governments and regulatory bodies to international airports and research institutes, and from major energy providers to the world’s largest technology and medical equipment groups.

Our capabilities

Based on innovation in semiconductor production and electronics supported by technologies such as software, algorithms and systems engineering, Kromek has world leading, often unique capabilities covering the value chain “from advanced sensor materials to detection solutions”.

Our products

Kromek’s portfolio of cutting-edge high-resolution products for gamma ray detection and isotope analysis in complex nuclear environments differentiate themselves by their sensitivity, high resolution and small form factor allowing unprecedented flexibility in deployment.

Kromek designs, develops and produces x-ray and gamma ray detection and imaging products for the following applications:

Medical imaging – Kromek offers OEM components and modules for use in bone mineral densitometry (BMD), SPECT and multispectral CT.

Security screening – Kromek designs and manufactures liquid explosives detection systems for airports, as well as OEM detectors and multispectral imaging components for both cabin and checked luggage screening equipment.

Nuclear detection – Kromek offers scintillator SiPM-based compact handheld instruments and CZT-based high-resolution handheld or lab-based instruments as well as OEM components for the detection, analysis and quantification of isotopes in both security and civil nuclear markets.

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