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Ionix awarded Innovate grant for new project

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Tenant Ionix has been awarded an Innovate grant under the Infrastructure Systems Round 2. The Project Title is: Development of Radiation Resilient Ultrasonic Sensors.

The project will research the construction and testing of novel, radiation resilient, ultrasonic transducers manufactured from exotic materials and a variety of probe assembly techniques.

The goal is to provide the nuclear industry with a reliable ultrasonic testing (UT) solution for prolonged in-service inspection and permanent monitoring. Two scenarios are envisaged: (a) elevated temperature, high radiation inspection close to the nuclear reactor (b) low radiation – inspection of nuclear waste containers stored at bespoke sites over very long periods.

Ionix’s objective is to develop a series of prototype ultrasonic probes designed to suit the specific in-service inspection needs.

Ionix has also recently achieved ISO9001 quality accreditation.

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