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Metrology, the science of measurement, is a vital part in product development and can help determine if a product meets industry standards.

Our metrology services at the 3M BIC are boosted by the presence of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) facility on site that specialises in dimensional inspection and measurement of complex components and assemblies and bespoke measurement training and consultancy.

Metrology technology available for businesses at the 3M BIC includes:

National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

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Co-ordinate Measurement Machine

Technology: Nikon Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) housed in the National Physical Laboratory on site.

Use: Fitted with both tactile and laser scanning abilities it is used for precision measurement and imaging.

Sector: Engineering, medical technologies and heritage industries.

Industrial X-Ray Computerised Tomography (XCT)

Technology: Nikon 225 MCT x-ray computerised tomography (XCT)

Use: Precise internal and external measurement and 3D imaging of objects made from aluminium, steel, titanium and a range of plastics. Combined with in-process monitoring in metal AM, XCT can be used to identify and reduce errors in design and builds before full-scale manufacturing is undertaken.

Sector: Engineering, medical technologies and heritage industries.

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