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How to Win Clients: 5 Simple But Effective Tips for Website Copy

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Do you find it hard to convert your website visitors into clients?

You’ve invested in a stylish website. You’re active on social media. And you’ve boosted your visitors.

But the clients just aren’t getting in touch.

Well, for websites to work they need persuasive words as well as smart design. In this post, I’ll show you 5 simple but effective tips to write copy that wins clients.

1) How to Write A Love Letter to Your Client

Do you see your website as a sales tool?

Well, think of it as a love letter to your clients instead. A subtle way to charm them to contact you.

To do that, you’ll have to answer the burning question in your client’s mind:

What’s in it for me?

 That’s what your clients are thinking. Use it to guide what you write in your copy.

 Firstly, empathise with their problems. Talk about the issues that worry your clients and show your understanding of them:

E.g. “Protecting your business from cyber threats is a never-ending job”

Secondly, write about how you can improve their life or their business. Talk about the benefits that your products and services offer:

E.g. “Gain control over your business with regular cash flow forecasts”

 Finally, write as if you’re speaking to your client personally. Use the word ‘you’ to address the client directly:

E.g. “You’ll receive onsite support when you need it”

Remember to focus on what’s important to your client. And use your copy to show them that you’re on their side.

2) How to Grab Hold of Your Clients

Your clients’ time is precious.

So they want to know what you’ve got to say. And if it matters to them. Fast.

How do you grab their attention?

Well, that’s the role of a headline. It’s like a big advertising poster for your website copy.

You can create effective headline when you:

Ask questions to provoke curiosity.

E.g. “‘Do You Want the Latest Gadget at an Affordable Price?”

Include odd numbers.

E.g. “9 Simple Tips for Writing Awesome Emails That Get Results”

Describe the copy in a short summary.

E.g. “The secrets of great headline writing”

Use power words to trigger readers’ emotions.

E.g. “How to Start a Business Blog: 7 Secrets You Need to Know”

Your headline will determine how many people read your copy. So, pull out all the stops to create a strong one.

3) How to Keep it Short and Easy to Read

Client-friendly copy should be easy to read.

And unlike printed copy, websites are read in many different forms. From a desktop monitor to a smartphone. So, tailor your writing to these devices:

Short words

If a sentence has to be re-read, it’s hard work for your clients. As a result, an effective way to help your reader is with short words. For example:

Instead of “Our cloud-based infrastructure can be reconfigured so you only pay for the service you’re consuming”

Say “You only pay for what you need with our flexible IT support”

Short sentences

Short sentences are another powerful way to hold people’s interest. For example:

Instead of “My vast experience has enabled me to put together a coaching model that truly empowers people”

 Say “You can turn your life around with coaching designed for you”

 Short paragraphs

Finally, your paragraphs should be 2-3 sentences at the most. Otherwise, they’ll become a boring wall of text.

And a single sentence is a great way to add variety – like this.

 So, keep your writing short to make it easier to read.

4) How to Write a First Draft Without Worry

The clock’s ticking.

You’re worried about getting it right first time. However, first drafts are always as rough as sandpaper.

So, write a first draft which is for your eyes only. Once you’ve got a draft, you can take your time to review and edit it to the final version.

“Good writing is essentially rewriting” Roald Dahl

Focus on each section in turn, to see how it flows. Can you say it in a simpler way?

Read it aloud. Does it sound too formal or too wordy?

Or ask a colleague to review it. They’ll point out jargon and the parts which are unclear.

 Remember to take off the pressure of perfection and allow your ideas out.

5) How to Make Your Website Easy on the Eye

Design is as important as word choice.

However, you can change the look of your writing, without a website redesign.

Headings – As well your headline, you can also use headings to structure your text and signpost your copy.

Line breaks – Your writing needs white space around it so it’s readable. But you can also add it through simple line breaks.

Bold / Italic –  Help your clients find what they’re looking for. Adding bold or italics can reinforce key words and help people scan the page.

Simple formatting can make your message stand out.

In Summary

Remember that your website is a key marketing tool for your business. So, invest in your words as well as your website design.


About the Author: Rob Beadle is a freelance copywriter who writes words that sell. Rob uses his background in political campaigning to create copy for brochures, blog posts and business websites. You can read more practical writing tips on his website.


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