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How Can an App Solve Age-Old Problems of Wholesalers and Manufacturers?

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Adventoris, the Yorkshire based technology company behind the SwiftCloud B2B mobile app; a customisable ordering app platform for wholesalers, have outlined five of the reoccurring problems some their wholesaler and distributor clients were facing pre-mobile, and how the addition of an app-based ordering platform has been the solution to some of their age-old problems.


Unsurprisingly, a large majority of trade customers are working across different sites and locations throughout the day. For example, many lock, tool, and hardware buyers are often driving from job to job needing to order parts as they go. Furthermore, restaurant owners are often going around the kitchen or keeping the front of house in order, often drifting from the walk-in fridge to the bar, to the dry store etc. Having a mobile (be it smartphone or tablet) solution which allows them to order fast, and as they go with a single tap is creating a far more efficient and user-friendly way of ordering.


Our findings show that one of the costliest issues facing both wholesalers and manufacturers is the ubiquitous problem of human error. The age-old practice of phoning in orders is still very much heavy relied on in the B2B sector. Leaving voicemails at 3am for which the receiver then has to interpret, de-code and enter into the system the coming working day can be lethal; especially when large and not to mention important orders are on the table.

An on-the-go mobile ordering system linking directly into the existing ERP is giving both the wholesalers the freedom to accept orders day or night without human intervention, and the customers the freedom to order with confidence during out-of-office hours.


Sales reps are the bread and butter of any wholesale or manufacturing organisation; however, our research has shown that the majority of sales reps working within B2B simply do not have the tools to be as efficient as they could be. One of the standout issues facing sales reps lies in the fact that most will be traveling vast distances, and whilst spending their golden time with the client, the majority of this experience is taken up by simply keying in repeat orders week after week.

With a B2B mobile ordering app there are now two solutions to this problem. Sales reps can place repeat orders instantly on the clients behalf and spend the rest of their golden time showcasing new products, upselling, and nurturing the relationship. Or, customers can now simply place the repeat order themselves, again freeing up the one-to-one time with the sales rep.


Where most generic websites fail in B2B appears to be the mobile apps greatest triumph.
Different regions, different quantities, different clients, B2B has been crying out for up-to-the-minute customised ordering platforms, after all, the backbone of all good B2B companies is fundamentally based on relationships. Whilst websites are aimed at attracting new or occasional clients, mobile apps are designed for regular clients; perfect in B2B.

With mobile apps, businesses are now creating bespoke ordering systems tailored to each individual customers’ needs and wants, in turn generating a simple and swift ordering system.


It’s hardly surprising to learn that any customer of today demands their ordering process to be simple and fast. Those lightning-fast apps that the B2C consumer have been soaking up for over a decade are now starting to migrate over into B2B processes. The performance of web ordering is dramatically slower than an app. Web ordering requires the full screen image being updated per click, sometimes taking longer than 3 seconds load time, if you are building large orders this is very unpractical, whereas an app only sends small packets of data, such as price, stock availability and UOM. The speed of an app is unmatched; bringing this technology into wholesale sector is creating fast yet engaging experiences previously unheard of in B2B.


Mobiles apps are certainly opening up a whole new sales channel for wholesalers and distributors however there will always be a place for traditional values, and if your company has been built around an ethos of delivering earnest, brick-and-mortar experiences, be sure to retain and utilise those values within every aspect or your online presence going forward as you embrace a digital future.

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Written by Joe Tully – Marketing

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