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Here’s a reminder of when work will be taking place over the next few weeks:

  • 20 – 28 February – Some work continuing in 2/29 – air conditioning units
  • 26 February – 2 March – Room 1/15 furnished and equipped, some corridor disruption, first floor
  • 21 February – 16 March – Room G/20 anticipated to be closed for remodelling. No access.
  • 21 February – 12 March – Room G/07 and G/12 remain closed
  • 21 February – 12 March – We anticipate some disruption to compressed air and power supplies, but these will be minimised and tenants will be given as much notice as possible.
  • 26 February – 16 March – Pipe flow access in following rooms – G/30; G/23 – removal of ceiling tiles, drilling for external pipe valve work and drilling into ceiling for clips for compressed air.
  • 12 March – Additive Manufacturing equipment delivery, some corridor disruption, ground floor
  • 16 March – Imaging equipment delivery, some corridor disruption, ground floor
  • 13 – 16 March – High performance computing delivery to Room 2/19A, limited corridor disruption only
  • 19 – 23 March – Heavy equipment deliveries to room G/20, some corridor disruption, ground floor. Limited G/20 access.
  • 12 – 30 March – Final works in room 1/10 and 1/21, limited corridor disruption only

The 2D Laser Etcher/ Cutter has now been moved to its final location in room BIC 1/15 and is now operational. If you would like to use it, contact reception who will provide authorised users with the room and machine key.

We will continue to keep all tenants informed of progress and any changes to dates for major events such as heavy equipment deliveries, disruptions to services or restricted access to areas.

We apologise for any inconvenience but hope you will agree that the HIIP offers the 3M BIC and regional businesses such as yours, an exciting opportunity to use a range of digital technologies.

Thank you for your patience.

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