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Guided learning: fun, engaging and effective employee onboarding

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Definition: Onboarding, also known as organisational socialisation, refers to the process through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours to become effective team members.

Current approach and issues

Welcoming new employees to your business can be a bit of headache: lots of new departments with unfamiliar acronyms, trying to remember who is who. In most large organisations this training is currently undertaken via a face-to-face onboarding session, which could last for couple of hours, days, or even weeks.

For face-to-face onboarding the cost of travel and subsistence to bring together geographically dispersed participants can be substantial.

Alternatively, the current status quo for online onboarding has issues too – the delivery of animations and videos via web conferencing tools can result in some participants watching / listening to content out of sync and therefore creating a poor experience.

For self-paced onboarding, participants can feel disconnected from their colleagues and without access to a knowledge expert that they can answer any questions that may arise during their onboarding.

A new approach to onboarding

welcome onboard image

Our team coined the phrase “guided learning environment” for the system that we designed and created for a market-leading global pharmaceutical company.

Our novel approach allows a leader and all participants to join, watch content, talk and collaborate during the onboarding session at the same time, synchronised for participants across the globe. Bringing new employees together with colleagues in a social environment and enabling them to gain a rapid working knowledge of their new department / team, as well as the corporate structure, whilst saving on travel, trainer and other related resource costs.

The guided learning environment allows trainers to create online onboarding sessions for a pre-determined audience at a designated date of their choosing, and it’s as easy as setting up a conference call.

To create this first ‘guided learning’ experience we designed and mapped our client’s organisation structure onto a virtual town, with key departments being given their own landmarks within the town, e.g. the airport, university, etc.

guided learning airport

Each landmark indicates an access point to relevant content (e.g. animations, videos, text, and graphic information) that trainers can guide participants to, including ‘welcome’ videos from department heads. Each onboarding session can be tailored to meet the participants’ needs as the structure and flow of the content is adaptable and updatable.

guided learning powerplant

Once the initial onboarding session has been completed the guided learning system automatically emails participants a link that provides them with access to the town map and landmark content to re-review and use as refresher training material at a later date; thus meaning participants don’t need to take notes since they can review at their leisure later.

Guided learning benefits

  • Custom designed onboarding environment, landmarks, and characters.
  • Bespoke animations to provide guided transitions between key destinations in the virtual town.
  • Ability to tailor tours to individual participant’s requirements and answer / address questions in situ.
  • Easy administration system, allowing trainers to create and manage onboarding tours and manage all onboarding content as things evolve within the company.

Overwhelming positive results

Feedback of initial tours from both participants and trainers has been overwhelmingly positive, both parties have enjoyed the experience and found it to be a novel and engaging onboarding method.

Do you have training requirement that you need a solution for? Get in touch, we’d love to hear about it and are confident that we’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

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