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Graham Leslie launches Social Energy

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Our Resident Professor of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship has just launched a new start-up that can potentially save households, particularly those with solar panels, up to 70% on their energy bills. Social Energy is a new platform that runs on artificial intelligence, and meets National Grid FFR standards, allowing home energy trading and decreases electricity tariffs.

Consumers are able to take control of their own energy usage, using the fully-automated platform, which is a combination of an energy storage battery and the AI powered Social Energy Hub. The AI software uses machine learning to predict home energy usage patterns allowing customers to achieve optimal savings, by using their own reserves first before taking from the grid.

A spokesperson for Social Energy said: “We are on the cusp of a transformation in the way the national grid provides energy, meaning that as we power through the fourth industrial revolution, businesses and households will move from a single central national grid to multiple, smaller mini-grids. This will make the creation and consumption of power much more flexible and will be the prerequisite to meeting the increasing e-mobility driven power-needs of households around the world.”

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