3M BIC Environmental Sustainability Policy


The 3M Buckley Innovation Centre (3M BIC) is a centre for enterprise and innovation contributing to regional economic growth and productivity, with a strong emphasis on supporting SMEs. 3M BIC is run as a subsidiary company of the University of Huddersfield.

In the development of this policy, it is recognised that many of the centre’s environmental impacts are derived from the activities of the 3M BIC businesses and client companies, as well as the University of Huddersfield as the ultimate landlord. It is important therefore that we work in partnership with our businesses, clients, and the University to engage with and support them in order to reduce our overall environmental impact.


This policy covers the operations of the 3M BIC organisation and its interactions with its businesses and clients within the centre, recognising its position as a subsidiary of the University of Huddersfield which owns and maintains the building. Where relevant, this policy will also align with the University’s Environmental and Sustainability Policy.


To reduce the overall impact of the 3M BIC on the environment, minimise its use of energy where feasibly possible and other finite resources and develop more sustainable operating practices.

 Policy Statements:
 Engagement and Communications
  • We engage with all our businesses and staff to raise awareness of all our environmental impacts through a collaborative Environmental steering group. We promote good practice at all levels and encourage participation in environmental improvement projects with all our clients, businesses, staff and centre visitors.
  • We aim to build partnerships within our local community and support organisations to reduce our environmental impact and participate in activities to enhance sustainable development.
  • We encourage research, foster innovation and where possible implement new technologies and practices in sustainable development and resource efficiency.
Recycling and Waste management
  • Working with the University we aim to implement the waste hierarchy; Prevent, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Responsibly Dispose, and prevent our waste reaching landfill at all feasible opportunities. These include:
  • Reusing and recycling aluminium/ paper/ card/ plastics/ glass.
  • Reducing our paper/printing use by transferring all documents digitally and printing only when necessary.
  • Converting food waste into bioenergy.
  • Eliminating single use plastic.
  • Using recycled paper plates/cups/ and where possible other commodities.
  • Using crockery/ cutlery for smaller events.
  • Reducing packaging where possible – i.e. milk/ water served in jugs and containers.
  • Recycling/ donating surplus furniture.
  • Ensuring tissues and paper towels are made from recycled paper.
  • Reducing food waste by using/ ordering only what is needed/required for our events.
  •  We are committed to the prevention of pollution ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation regarding emissions and discharges and undertake best practice in sustainable business management.
Energy and water consumption
  • We are committed to using primary raw materials [including fossil fuels, energy, and water] in an efficient manner and promote their conservation, thus helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserving resources. These include:
  • Monitoring water and energy usage on an annual basis
  • Ensuring motion sensor lighting is used in the centre.
  • Introducing more energy efficient LED lighting.
  • Implementing switch-off checklists for evenings /weekends/ holidays for all 3M BIC businesses and staff.
  • Installing push taps to reduce water consumption.

  • Wherever possible, we use energy efficient catering equipment and appliances.

  • We are committed to using Fairtrade coffee and tea at events held at the centre, as well as using biodegradable cleaning products.
  • We strive to source seasonal and local produce for catering events and minimise overall food miles including origin/route to market of all products we use.
  • We seek to influence our suppliers and contractors both directly and via the University’s overarching Corporate, Social and Environmental Procurement Policy, requiring that sustainability and environmental issues are considered in the procurement of goods and services supplied to 3MBIC.
  •  We ensure that all new furnishing and installations are as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

Sustainable Travel
  • We support and encourage our staff, 3M BIC businesses and visitors to travel to and from 3M BIC in a sustainable manner, promoting and enabling active travel, public transport, and journey-sharing over individual car use.
  • We provide bicycle racks that are available to all staff and 3M BIC businesses across university campus, as well as on-site facilities at the 3M BIC to include 6 bike lockers.
  • We will provide access to EV charging points on the University campus for all 3M BIC businesses.


  • Our outside space will include more drought tolerance planting to reduce water consumption, as well as insect-encouraging plants/flowers.
  • We encourage 3M BIC businesses and staff to grow their own fruit and veg in a dedicated area outside the building.



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