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Elena and Olivia’s six month catchup

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It has been six months since our University of Huddersfield Events and Marketing placement students, Elena Dellimpaltidou and Olivia Fitton  arrived at the 3M BIC.

Here they look back on their placement so far, what they have enjoyed, what they have found challenging and what a ‘year in industry’ means to them.

What have you enjoyed the most in your placement so far?

ELENA: One part that I really enjoyed in placement is how I can create an event from scratch by facing multiple challenges while I have fun in the process and how connected I am with the team.

OLIVIA: I have enjoyed a lot of my placement so far! This position has allowed me to be creative and be surrounded by like-minded people who also enjoy Marketing and Design!

I have also made friends and built good relationships with others who work in the office.

What has been your biggest achievement in your placement so far?

ELENA: My biggest achievement so far has been to overcome the fear of talking with others. With my involvement of the Kirklees Top 100 2022 launch I have built my confidence to talk to various external customers/ businesses and be more open and social to others.

OLIVIA: For me, my biggest achievements are the skills I have acquired as they are transferrable to any job that I choose in the future. Similar to Elena, I feel my confidence has grown and I feel more comfortable talking to others and taking charge if needed.

 What have you found to be the most challenging?

ELENA: The most challenging part of my role is balancing a lot of bookings at the same time and making sure that everything is running smoothly, as well as having to deal with unexpected IT issues in important deadlines.

OLIVIA: The commute has been the most challenging part of my placement so far, due to restrictions in train times, balancing lots of jobs has been difficult.  time management and organisation have been key in order to complete them before needing to leave the office.

What have you learnt so far on your placement?

ELENA: As a business management student, I’m doing my placement on events, a field that I have never worked or studied before. Working as an events assistant, I have learned how to build an event from scratch.

A lot of people believe that an event is just to book a venue and catering, that’s just 10% of the whole process.

OLIVIA: So far in my placement I have learnt how to use different Marketing and design software. I am now confident using software such as Mailchimp, Word press with Elementor and Buffer.

My Photoshop skills have also improved massively and can create complex designs if needed.

Talk us through a typical day at work and any new skills you’ve acquired.

ELENA: A typical day at work, for sure is not the same.

A quiet day at work starts always with a cup of coffee and morning emails, meanwhile I double check the bookings of the day, check that customers have everything they need, and then return to my emails.

After I finish the emails, I start finalizing any details for upcoming events and having team meetings discussing the future.

OLIVIA: Like Elena a day at work is never the same.

A typical day consists of me checking the social media schedule, responding to emails, and working on any design work needed.

It has been an exciting few weeks for the Marketing team as we’ve been working on a ‘brand refresh,’ so the past few weeks have consisted of me creating collateral to solidify our brand image.

Have your impressions of the 3M BIC changed since you first arrived?

ELENA: At first, I couldn’t believe how many connections 3M BIC has, after 6 months of working here, I do understand why customers, businesses and the university are choosing to come to 3M BIC.

3M BIC is a place where you can work in a modern high-tech facility, hold professional meetings and receive support and advice for your project to the engineering team.

OLIVIA: I have also gained more understanding of what the 3M BIC is and what the innovation centre is used for.

Are you excited to return to university for your final year?

ELENA: I am excited to return and finish my degree and start working on that.

But I will miss the routine of working in an office, having team meetings, talking regularly with the team and making jokes with my manager.

OLIVIA: Yes and no. I am excited to return to the ‘student-life’, less early mornings and no 6 o’clock trains.

But I am going to miss the routine that comes with being in a full-time job and the creativity and freedom that has come with my Marketing position.

Can you see yourself in Marketing/Events after university?

ELENA: As an events placement student who is working closely with Marketing Team, I see myself working on the Marketing department. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy my role as an events assistant, but I could say that I can do both.

OLIVIA: I can! There are many aspects of Marketing that I enjoy and dare I say, I think I am quite good at it! After University I am hoping to get a career in Marketing in sectors such as fashion or music.

What does a ‘Year in Industry’ mean to you?

ELENA: A ‘Year in Industry’ for me is a pre-taste of what my future job might be, getting used to the routine and experiencing various challenges

OLIVIA: I agree! It is an opportunity to apply what you have learnt at university to a ‘real-life’ setting. It is also the chance to work with people who are in the position you want to be in after leaving University.

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