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Day in the life – Olivia Fitton

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Tell us about your journey to the 3M BIC

I am currently studying Advertising and Marketing communications at the University of Huddersfield. During my studies, I was offered the opportunity to shadow the Business Development & Marketing Director and Strategic Marketing Consultant at Alpine Fire Engineers, an industry leading provider of Automatic Fire Suppression Solutions across the UK. As a B2B organisation I gained valuable insight into how the skills I learnt at university can be applied in a large- scale commercial environment. This inspired me to get a placement, leading to my Marketing Assistant position within 3M BIC.


Describe a typical day at work:

It’s still early days … but I am really looking forward to my role within the 3M BIC Marketing team. I will be working closely with Emily and Maisie, increasing, and creating leads for other teams within 3M BIC. My role will consist of social media management, creating social media content. I will also be updating news on the website while monitoring website engagement. Similarly, I will be involved in email marketing and increasing brand awareness for the 3M BIC.


What are your first impressions of the 3M BIC?

The staff at 3M BIC are friendly and welcoming, making me feel comfortable from the get-go.  I was first introduced to Emily, who instantly put my nerves at ease and made me feel part of the team. The building itself is fascinating and is home to lots of incredible businesses. I love the fact that I am constantly surrounded by innovation.


What keeps you motivated at work?

I am motivated by the opportunity to learn. At 3M BIC I am surrounded by a team that has a deep knowledge of marketing and are passionate about the success of 3M BIC. The ability to gain insight from them is what motivates me.


The most exciting thing about your job?

It is exciting that I can see what I learn about in university first hand. On my first day I was guided through the business plan for the year (there is a lot to do!) It is exciting to be a part of the process and development of these exciting ideas.


The most challenging?

It is always a challenge trying something new, especially being new to this role, there are still many aspects of the job that I am unfamiliar with such as word press, understanding SEO and managing the website etc. It will be a challenge to get settled into this position, but it will all come with time.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years, I see myself with a first-class degree in Advertising and Marketing communications, working for a consultancy agency or aiming to become an independent strategic marketing consultant.  I love working with others and hope I have the experience and knowledge to help others achieve in their business ventures.


Time of the day you most creative or inspired?

I must confess I am not a morning person… so inspiration and creativity doesn’t come to me as soon as I’d hope. However, coming into work and being surrounded by people that share a passion and drive for marketing inspires me!


Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

You will never know if you don’t try! –  don’t be scared to try things that seem daunting.


Out of the office…?

Out of the office, I love spending time with my loved ones.  Me and my family make it a mission to try and get together most weekends, meeting up at our local pub! Also, though I don’t confess it, I am ‘slight’ theatre geek, so, if possible, I try to see as many shows as I can.

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