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Day in the Life – Anastasis Constanti, Product Designer


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Name: Anastasis Constanti

Job title: Product Designer

Tell us about your career journey to the 3M BIC

I am from Famagusta in Cyprus and came to Huddersfield in 2013 to study. I was drawn by the University’s facilities as well as its reputation. I studied a BEng in Mechanical Engineering (including one year in Newcastle for MSc in Mechanical Engineering) and have lived here ever since!

Before joining the 3M BIC, I was a design engineer in FeTu Ltd and spent time with their unique and exciting technology design. I was involved in the design, testing, research and development. I also have a background in 3D printing as it was the subject of my MSc dissertation project and I also have a few personal 3D projects that I’ve worked on (Instagram: @conan.designs).

I have a passion for product design, from single parts to large assemblies. With my background in mechanical engineering, I think I bring a good balance of technical and creative skills in technology design. I am focused on expanding my knowledge and experience in this field and with my skills to help local enterprises to create and improve their ideas and make a difference to society.

Describe a typical day at work:

The only ‘typical’ task is responding to the emails early in the morning. Mostly I am involved in design work, whether that is 3D modelling, 2D illustrations or technical drawings, depending on the project requirements. In addition, some days can include hands-on work on prototype parts, with quality and functionality checks.

What keeps you motivated at work?

Working on different projects and using multiple tools to complete the work, it gives that feeling of achievement! It has never been or will be a ‘linear sequence, factory-like’ approach, every project is unique, and we often need to think outside the box.

The most exciting thing about your job?

It starts with a ‘curiosity feeling’ in each client meeting, often from different type of industries. As we explore and understand each problem, it turns into excitement, with each problem and idea exchange, it can lead to solutions or improvement of the client’s product or concept.

The most challenging?

To resist the temptation of following a complicated route in order to create or improve something. Adding more features or functions can give an identity to a product, but a simple design sometimes can be elegant enough.

Time of the day you most creative or inspired?

It varies to be honest! Usually, mornings with a fresh mind I tend to have more ideas, however, anytime of the day or after a quick chat with my team, eureka moments are possible even in the afternoon!

Proudest career moment?

To be part in the visit of the West Yorkshire Mayor, Tracy Brabin and to showcase part of our technology equipment and capabilities.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Constantly ask myself ‘how can I make it better?’ on just about everything I do!

What innovations should we look out for in your industry?

The 3D printing of multiple metal materials into one hybrid print, which can enhance the part’s performance or provide cost-effective solutions in specific applications.

Out of the office…?

I enjoy cooking, as well as indoor exercising and running.

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