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Selecting the right meeting room layout is a crucial decision when planning a successful event. The layout not only affects the overall flow and engagement of participants but also influences the event’s effectiveness.

At the 3M BIC, we can provide four popular meeting room layouts, including cabaret, U-shaped, theatre style and boardroom.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right room layout for your event.


The Cabaret layout is ideal for events where networking and discussion are key. With tables seating 4-8 people, it encourages small group conversations and collaboration.

This is often used for workshops, seminars and training sessions.


The U-shaped layout is designed to facilitate interaction and engagement. The tables are arranged in a U-shape with an open end for presenters.

It’s suitable for medium-sized meetings, conferences and presentations where the audience needs to focus on a central point.

Theatre style

For large events such as conferences and product launches, the theatre style layout is a classic choice. Rows of chairs facing the front stage create a formal setting for presentations. This layout works well when the main goal is to convey information to a large audience.

With this layout, depending on the room dimensions, you could also include a platform at the front and a lectern, making it perfect for panel discussions.


The boardroom layout is ideal for intimate discussions and decision-making. A long table with chairs around it fosters open dialogue.

This is commonly used for executive meetings, negotiations and board meetings.

How to choose the right layout:
  • Event type: Consider the purpose of your event. Cabaret and U-shaped layouts are suitable for interactive sessions, while theatre style is best for one-way communication. Boardroom is perfect for decision-making.
  • Audience size: Small groups are better accommodated with Cabaret, U-shaped, or boardroom layouts, whereas theatre style is for larger audiences.
  • Interaction vs. presentation: Determine how much interaction you want. Cabaret and U-shaped layouts encourage discussion, while theatre style is more formal with less interaction.
  • Aesthetic and space: Evaluate the venue’s size and shape, as well as the aesthetics. Some layouts may fit better in certain spaces.
  • Equipment needs: Consider the technical requirements for your event. Ensure the layout accommodates AV equipment, screens and presentation tools.

Selecting the right meeting room layout is an important part of event planning. Each layout has its strengths and is best suited for specific event types and objectives.

By considering your event’s purpose, audience size, interaction needs and venue constraints, you can make an informed choice that ensures a successful and engaging event.

To find out more about meeting and event space at the 3M BIC head here or give our events team a call on 01484 505601.

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