Corporate event trends for 2024

Corporate event trend 2024

As we step into 2024, corporate event planners and professionals are already gearing up to stay ahead of the curve. The world of corporate events is ever evolving and staying […]

Top Innovations 2023

Top Innovations 2023

3M BIC’S TOP INNOVATIONS OF 2023 We asked our technology team what new and exciting things they’ve come across in 2023 and here’s what they came up with, from 3D […]

Low-Volume Production using Additive Manufacturing

low production volume

Manufacturers have been unlocking the capabilities of additive manufacturing (3D printing) for many years. More recently, we are seeing an increase in demand for low volume production using additive manufacturing […]

The Future of Health Innovation

The Future of Health Innovation

The Future of Health Innovation The landscape of healthcare is poised for a remarkable transformation, driven by relentless advancements in technology and a growing emphasis on wellbeing. In recent years, […]

Why sustainability matters in the workplace


With the UK committed to becoming Net Zero by 2050, the pressure is on for businesses to introduce strategies in the workplace and play their part in helping reach this […]

Microscopy : how to maximize your processes

Maximising your processes using microscopy

Microscopy is a cutting-edge technological advancement that is key to unlocking the hidden universe that lies beyond the limits of the naked eye. Microscopes use light or other techniques to […]

Choosing the right room layout for your event

3M BIC event layout

Selecting the right meeting room layout is a crucial decision when planning a successful event. The layout not only affects the overall flow and engagement of participants but also influences […]

Why start-ups should embrace flexible working

flexible working

Explore why flexible working is ideal for start-ups and it can impact productivity, employee satisfaction and overall business success. Investing in office space can be a significant financial leap for […]

What is 3D Visualisation?

3d visualisation

3D visualisation is the process of creating photo-realistic images or animations using specific 3D software that can bring a concept to life. It involves creating computer-generated representations of objects, spaces […]

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