R&D Tax Relief in Civil Engineering

Research and Development in Civil Engineering can often by overlooked and seen as day-to-day business activity – but the sector is full of innovation, often making the work performed eligible […]

R&D Funding Strategy Checklist

If your R&D team are not yet back to ‘business as usual’ or a ‘new normal’, we’re here to give a little inspiration for how they could spend the downtime, […]

How does computer aided design work?

How does computer aided design work? At the 3M BIC we use computer aided design (CAD) as part of our innovation process, but how does computer aided design work and […]

What is generative design?

What is generative design? Generative design is transforming the product design process, enabling designers and engineers to create high-performing design alternatives for engineering and manufacturing product development. Our in-house consultant […]