How does computer aided design work?

How does computer aided design work? At the 3M BIC we use computer aided design (CAD) as part of our innovation process, but how does computer aided design work and […]

What is generative design?

What is generative design? Generative design is transforming the product design process, enabling designers and engineers to create high-performing design alternatives for engineering and manufacturing product development. Our in-house consultant […]

Innovation during COVID-19

Janine Downs from the 3M BIC technology team, has been looking at how businesses across the globe have been innovating to create products that are supporting the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses […]

TBAT – Is this the end of the Bio-Medical Catalyst?

You’ve submitted your R&D Tax Relief claim to HMRC and you know how much ‘credit’ you’re due to receive. Now you’re thinking, “what’s next? How should you re-invest your R&D Tax Credits?” […]

What is ideation in product design?

Our in-house consultant design and visualisation manager, Paul Tallon, talks you through what is ideation, why it’s a good starting point for a product design process and how the design […]

Championing a sustainable future

Sustainability has become a high priority at the 3M BIC as we join other businesses across the region to become more environmentally friendly and help towards the UK’s 2050 net […]