Why start-ups should embrace flexible working

flexible working

Explore why flexible working is ideal for start-ups and it can impact productivity, employee satisfaction and overall business success. Investing in office space can be a significant financial leap for […]

What is 3D Visualisation?

3d visualisation

3D visualisation is the process of creating photo-realistic images or animations using specific 3D software that can bring a concept to life. It involves creating computer-generated representations of objects, spaces […]

What are Knowledge Transfer Partnerships?

What are KTPs?

In today’s business climate, companies are constantly seeking innovative strategies to drive growth and maintain a competitive edge. This is where KTPs can help. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are a […]

Additive manufacturing: Metal v Plastic

Additive Manufacturing :metal 3d printing and 3d printing

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, has transformed the manufacturing industry over the past few years. Choosing the best material for additive manufacturing depends on the specific needs of […]

How to create a product prototype

Creating a prototype is a crucial step om the product development process. It allows designers, engineers and other stakeholders to test and evaluate a product’s functionality, usability and aesthetics before […]

How Additive Manufacturing works

Additive Manufacturing at the 3M BIC

Unlike conventional manufacturing processes that involve subtractive methods like cutting or machining, additive manufacturing or 3D printing, builds objects layer by layer, offering numerous advantages in terms of usage, design […]

6 reasons why office space is still important

Why is office space still important?

In an era dominated by remote work and virtual interactions, some may question the necessity of office spaces. However, the significance of office spaces remains undeniably important, playing a role […]

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