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Austar approached the 3M BIC with a unique challenge for one of its R&D projects. The challenge was to replicate a human hand, a main component required to develop a bespoke gauntlet holder, to be used during a critical process phase of Aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Following many failed attempts by AUSTAR to create prototypes with plywood, they realised they needed expert support to achieve their goal. They reached out to the 3M BIC who went to AUSTAR’s facility to fully understand their user’s specification. After gaining a full understanding of their requirements the 3M BIC design team was able to create an initial 3D print, which was an exact replica of an employee’s hand.


An evaluation of the initial print highlighted that they required articulation on the thumb of the hand. Embracing this challenge, the 3M BIC design team efficiently delivered the second and final version of the hand replica. The latest version allowed AUSTAR to complete the final prototype before release to market.


The 3M BIC introduced AUSTAR to the capabilities and benefits of 3D printing, which inspired them to purchase its own printers of which they now use in-house to manufacture parts for production.


What the Client Said...

Following a very informative facility tour at the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre, we reached out to them to provide a 3D printed prototype for one of our new product development projects. The service they provided was very professional and efficient which resulted with AUSTAR UK Limited taking our product to market with minimum time and effort spent on development.

Paul Hudson
Austar UK Director, Vice President Global Manufacturing / Operational Excellence

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