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3d metal printed parts

Dr Shan Lou is a Reader in Precision Metrology at the University of Huddersfield within the School of Computing and Engineering. He applied for the 3M BIC Fellowship to access the 3M BIC’s expertise and additive manufacturing and metrology facilities to support his research project on ‘Holistic Geometrical Verification of Additive Manufacturing Components’ and help him disseminate his research to the wider University of Huddersfield audience and to industry.


Additive manufacturing is paving its way of shaping the paradigm of manufacturing technology. Dr Lou’s research project focused on holistic geometrical verification of additive manufacture (AM) components (including surface texture, dimensional accuracy, as well as internal defects), with the aim of linking AM process optimisation and AM product performance assessment.


Using the capabilities at the 3M BIC, Dr Lou was able to print additive manufacturing samples, access X-ray CT to enable internal geometry measurement, use optical microscopes for surface topography measurement, as well as build connections with relevant industrial partners.

Through his fellowship he developed stainless steel (SS) additive manufacturing specimens that investigated surface roughness, surface inclination angle on surface roughness and the impact of surface roughness on functional performance.

He also printed stainless steel specimens to investigate dimensional deviation regarding the build orientation, as well as Titanium and polymer additive manufacturing specimens to facilitate the development of a modular system of AM reference artefacts for XCT inspection.


Dr Lou’s research has been shared through various channels, including four journal papers and six conference papers that formally acknowledge the 3M BIC Fellowship, and has raised the interest of multiple research and development institutions.

Dr Lou has been invited by the Manufacturing Technology Centre to contribute to a Horizon Europe Innovation project around ‘flexible Laser-based manufacturing through precision photon distribution’ and will receive research funding of £320k. His role in the project is to research surface texture characterisation to indicate the surface quality of subtractive laser processes.


What the Client Said...

“My research in metrology for additive manufacturing and X-ray computed tomography following the 3M BIC fellowship project will expand to broader areas. 3M BIC’s facilities and technical expertise will continue as a strong support to my research team. We can also help disseminate 3M BIC to our academic and industrial partners, broadening the connection with wider customers.”

Dr Shan Lou
Reader in Precision Metrology, University of Huddersfield.

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