Product Testing & Analysis

Having designed and manufactured a product prototype it is often necessary to test if it functions correctly and there are no hidden defects before production.

Our product analysis uses a mixture of non-destructive testing through our inspection, imaging, or investigation processes.

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You may need to internally investigate your product, whether it is biological, chemical, or physical, to verify surface composition or view cracks invisible to the naked eye to help determine reliability and functionality in your part. 

Our product analysis capabilities can be used to investigate the internal workings of products, inspect, and verify artefacts and samples to eliminate forgery, as well as view tiny objects and areas of interest using imaging technology.

All our capabilities complement each other, and our team is on hand to ascertain which product analysis technology best suits your needs.

Our capabilities include:


Internal material defects, hidden geometries and complicated assembles inspection can add expense and slow down your production.

Usual destructive methods of disassembling parts to find faults can be ineffective and a costly burden to your validation process, taking up valuable resources better suited to your production.

X-ray computer tomography or X-CT (also known as non-destructive testing) can efficiently inspect prototypes and parts for internal deficiencies, providing 2D or 3D analytics. Your product is examined externally and internally to capture and verify complicated assemblies and hidden geometry, all without destroying your product. It can also enhance your processes by finding hidden causes to problems.

Find out more about how X-CT can be used here.


We have access to several different microscope systems with different capabilities that are designed to meet all your imaging and measurement needs, including chemical and structural information, routine batch analysis and investigation of imaging.

Our microscopes include the following:

  • Optical and Laser Microscopy
  • Laser Confocal and Biological Inspection Microscopy
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Product Testing & Analysis FAQS

The cost will depend on several factors, which include:

  • X-CT process used
  • Microscope used
  • Material being scanned
  • Number of parts
  • Imaging results required (2D or 3D)

We will always work with you to ensure we are competitively priced.

We can give bespoke advice about the best process for your part, and the most suitable analysis to your specification.

If you can send the part and CAD file and we can let you know if it can be scanned. If the part isn’t suitable for scanning, we can advise on how it can be scanned by other means.

Talk to our product designer who can help you take an idea through the design process to a model, prototype or finished product. This can also include advice about the model’s finish once available as a CAD file – as we have other in-house capabilities which we could lightweight cast iron metal parts in our AM suite.

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