Product Design & Development

From ideas to solutions – empowering your business through transformative product development.

Our product design and development team can help you realise your vision. Whether it’s an existing product, service or process that you want to improve or a totally fresh concept you want brought to reality. Together, we’ll create the solutions that will grow your business.

Product design & development with 3M BIC

If you’re starting from scratch, our experienced design engineering team can create a concept from a discussion, notes, hand sketches or photographs. They will listen, ask the right questions and work alongside you to realise your vision.

For those who may be a little further along in their journey, we can work existing CAD files or technical drawings to implement changes and improvements. Using optical, X-Ray and tactile scanning technologies, we can characterise and develop designs from existing objects to recreate legacy parts or apply innovation to objects whose function can be optimised for increased performance.

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Product design services

Our creative and technically skilled product designers work with you and your team to implement product design ideas or improvements to existing products.

Using Computer Aided Design (CAD), optical scanning, X-ray Computer Tomography (XCT),
3D imaging and tactile scanning, we can develop product designs, as well as create 3D models using additive manufacturing/3D printing.

Animation, videos, or on-screen presentations can also be developed using 2D or 3D
visualisation. Our digital capabilities also extend to virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Working with partners and regional Further Education providers, we can also provide direct support to businesses to upskill existing staff in product design and ensure a sustainable pipeline of skilled employees for the future. 

Product development

Product development can include every stage of a product’s journey from fledgling idea to finished article and future iterations. We will support you every step of the way along the development timeline, deploying a strategy that ensures you have confidence at every stage:

  • Identifying your needs
  • Developing your idea
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Build
  • Release
  • Iteration and Improvement

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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Computer Aided Design (CAD) underpins our product design activities. We can develop a concept design from a brainstorming session, work with multiple existing CAD files to build a functional assembly and construct a scene-environment to give a perspective depth view.

We work with all main file formats to create animations, visualisations, or technical engineering drawings, from models to concept pieces.

Our product design services using CAD software include:

  • Product enhancement
  • Design optimisation
  • Technical drafts and drawings
  • Full model Computer Aided Design (CAD) Creation
  • Legacy/ obsolete parts
  • Concept design consultancy

Product development team at 3M BIC can turn your product idea into a reality

A product development roadmap can take you from concept and rapid prototyping to product launch.

Our expert product designers are with you every step of the way to help you create and implement a successful product development plan.

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Product Design & Development FAQS

We offer an initial free consultation which helps our designers to evaluate the cost of your project. The cost will depend on the size and materials required.

There are no hidden fees, however, a bill of materials may be produced for any consumables required during the prototyping stage to bring your product to fruition. This will be charged at the end of the project.

This will depend on the complexity of the product, but we can work out design time and lead times accordingly and will keep you fully up to date on the status of your design task. You will also get regular updates via email / or through a team’s meeting from the Innovation and Technology team.

We break down the project into stages to ensure we are developing your requests as stated in the client consultation.

You will need to provide clear instructions for your requirements during the client consultation period. Our product designer will support you along the process. If you need anything specific, you can inform your designer later.

We can also work from existing CAD designs.

You will own all rights and licenses to all designs created. Any materials you provide to us are assumed to be licensed and owned by you. If you provide us with unlicensed materials, we are not held liable for the rights of the final design. We protect your IP (Intellectual Property) with an NDA signed by all parties where applicable.

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