Our digital services allow you to visualise your new product in real-time through interactive simulations. Digital twins can also be created.

Bring your product to life using our digital capabilities, including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 3D scanning and 3D visualisation.

Digital services at the 3M BIC

Our interactive digital design technology services can help ‘place and visualise’ your product within digital situations, build on experiences, and consider end user requirements.

Our software includes photogrammetry services, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 3D scanning that allows us to produce accurate and efficient quality digital products, create digital twins, as well as help solve tough and complex structural engineering problems faster.

Reaching out to our product design team can help kick-start your product and turn it into reality.

Virtual Reality at the 3M BIC

Virtual reality in product design offers an immersive experience of the design within a digital environment for visualisation and/or interaction. It be used for demonstrations, training/teaching aids, game assets, visualisation and creating tools for exploring hazardous environments such as where fire or radiation is suspected and for training materials and simulations or overlaying a simulation or visualisation in the real world.

Virtual reality can be used in manufacturing, gaming, architecture, construction, heritage.

Explore your product design in an immersive environment before building expensive prototypes.


Augmented Reality at the 3M BIC

Augmented reality is used to transpose virtual 3D models into the real world via a headset. Augmented reality is beneficial for looking at a 1:1 representation of a product in the real world before going to manufacture. It can also be used to create digital twins.

Augmented reality for products is ideal for use in automotive, engineering, aerospace, medical, product design, architecture.





3D visualisation can be used to promote products and explain functions. It can be applied as part of a customer acceptance exercise, for investment and marketing campaigns, or as an effective educational tool.

We offer a full range of product visualisation facilities from static to animated formats and full 4K videography.



A digitally created environment will be cheaper to put together and change virtually before a real-life design is commissioned. Designs and tests on products within the engineering, maintenance, architecture, and training environments are all sectors where these technologies can be used effectively.

For one off purchases of headsets and powerful PCs to run the programmes this can be expensive for a business, which is where our strategy can help. We have invested in several technical tools so we can pass on the benefits of improving the processes or performance of the business through AR/VR applications. Speak to a member of the team for more information. 

Each product has its own challenges and characteristics, our team can guide you to find the best fit for your business. Time taken to test products before building them physically could save you thousands. Travel costs or shipping costs can also be saved, and a company may even reduce their ecological footprint during the testing phase.

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