You have the idea; we have the tools and expertise to help you innovate.

Our in-house capabilities will help transform your product development, from product design, product prototyping and product analysis.

Great things can be achieved if we put our heads together.

Why choose 3M BIC for your innovation and technology needs?

We enable companies to foster innovation and turn great ideas into a reality by taking them through the various stages of product design through to production.

Whether it is refining an existing product in response to a market’s changing needs or developing a completely new idea, our holistic and bespoke approach can support your product development journey, from problem-solving, ideation to creating concepts and prototypes.

We are with you every step of the way on your product development journey.

Discover the areas of applied technology at 3M BIC

Innovation requires knowledge, commitment, and dedication. Our product design engineers and technical experts have experience in a range of technologies to support product development, problem solving and innovation.

Our capabilities are complemented by access to the skills, facilities and experience of the University of Huddersfield and other partners, such as the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

Our applied technology capabilities can facilitate your project needs in the following areas:

Whether it’s a conceptual design, new idea or existing product, our experienced product design team can work alongside you to progress a discussion, sketch, or notes.
Take your projects from product design to product development at 3M BIC.

Prototyping allows you to explore design elements, including material properties, working mechanisms, surface appearance, lightweighting and texture. We can make prototypes and models using Additive Manufacturing/ 3D printing in a range of materials, including metals and polymers.

Product analysis allows us to internally investigate your object and materials, whether it is biological, chemical, or physical, using non-destructive testing. It can identify defects or faults or determine authenticity or forgery.

We have in-house industrial microscopes and X-Ray technology that eliminate the destructive side of product investigation. Alongside this we can measure accurately to ensure the part is to your specification.

Digital technology can be used to create product designs for demo and marketing purposes or interactive training purposes, and generate virtual models to enable you to simulate, test and monitor a new product.

Our Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) software can transpose virtual 3D models into real-world settings, including digital twins.

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Discover the wide range of projects we’ve worked on at 3M BIC

We work with businesses across the engineering, aerospace, automotive, MedTech, heritage and creative industries.

Previous projects include aerospace prototype parts; automotive headlamp holders; lattice structures for strength testing and lightweighting; valve structures for hazardous environments, exhibition models, as well as 3D models for Television advertising.

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