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Benefits of an Elearning Module to the Workforce

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dreamm provided the design, development and deployment of four elearning modules that covered information provided as part of the existing ‘warranty best practice for the workshop’ face-to-face training. The elearning provided replaced elements of the face-to-face training allowing for a blended curricula to be created.

The elearning provided service technicians (approximately 6,850) with access to training on the group wide policies regarding warranty best practice, along with any specific information relating to their workshop’s particular brand(s). The primary requirements for the four elearning modules was that they should provide all of the necessary information regarding warranty best practice (as per the existing face-to-face training) in an engaging and interactive format.

Warranty Best Practice

As part of the initial writing and creative process dreamm had to acknowledge the differing technical and literacy skills of learners, coupled with instances of prior knowledge of the subject by some learners. Scenarios were included in the learning providing invitations to recommend courses of action in workshop scenarios, typical of ones which technicians may find themselves in when conducting warranty work.

The scenarios required judgment to balance all aspect of the business need and the customer’s expectations. Learners then needed to recall and apply the knowledge gained within the module in order to complete activities. Throughout the four modules the complexity of scenarios increased from simple (supporting lower order thinking skills i.e. knowledge retention and application) to complex (requiring higher order thinking skills i.e. analysis and evaluation).

Warranty Best Practice

Outstanding results

The course has been well received by participants, trainers, and managers alike; Allowing the reduction of face-to-face classroom training whilst retaining the excellence in warranty best practice training that is required.

Warranty Best Practice

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