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Are You Sure About Your Sales Figures? Do You Want to be?

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Can you confidently report on each stage of your sales pipeline?

Let’s say your pipeline has the following stages:

  • Qualify
  • Discuss
  • Propose
  • Negotiate
  • Close

Are you sure you know:

  1. How many leads do you have at qualify stage? What’s their turnover value?
  2. How many discussions have progressed to proposals?
  3. How much turnover and gross profit is in your propose stage?
  4. What are your top 10 proposals you’re currently negotiating?
  5. What’s your close to won ratio and close to lost ratio?

And more importantly – for each of these, how do your actuals compare to your targets?

Knowing your numbers is essential to growing your business

Unless you can confidently report on your sales figures whenever you need to, you’ve got a problem.

Your numbers drive everything in your business. The level of sales activity required to achieve your sales targets depends on… you guessed it… knowing your numbers!

It’s such a simple process with the right system in place

When building your unique high growth and scalable business, do you invest in the right long term system for growth, or do you go for a quick fix, off the shelf system?

Equate it to buying office space

  • You have ten employees and your five year plan is to increase to 30 people

Option 1: Move your employees to a new office which fits your needs now and allows room for a couple more people. When you grow more, you’ll need to move.

Option 2: Find flexible office space which satisfies you now and gives you the option to expand to up to 30 people over the next five years.

Imagine the future upheaval and disruption in your business if you choose option 1.

So back to choosing systems…you invest in the right long term system for growth.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you certainty about your business figures. It builds confidence into your sales pipeline.

It’s an essential tool for a small business like yours, helping you to:

  • Focus on understanding your sales figures
  • Improve your sales
  • Identify problems with your numbers, and
  • Help your team achieve them

Successful business is all about managing your numbers. Let your system handle them for you.

Contact us for a free business systems audit and we’ll show you how to scale your business better to support your growth plans.



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