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Adventoris – Meet the 3M BIC business

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Adventoris is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) company that has developed ground-breaking software that revolutionises the way companies make sales and track orders.

Marketing Manager Joe Tully tells us more about the business, upcoming trends in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry and the company’s plans for future growth.

Tell us about Adventoris and the team based at the 3M BIC.

Adventoris is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that has developed ground-breaking mobile business software that revolutionises the way companies such as wholesalers and distributors make sales and track orders.

We are a team of around 30 and counting, consisting of business development, sales, marketing, implementation and software development experts. We manage around 200 clients that use our flagship product Swiftcloud, across sectors including Building, Food and Drink, Retail and Wholesale, Office Supplies and Electrical.

Swiftcloud is a B2B app for distributors and wholesalers that helps streamline sales processes.

The platform enables their customers to see products, communicate with the company and make orders 24/7.

Since the app’s conception, SwiftCloud has proven to save up to 80% of customer service costs, by removing the expensive cost of manual data entry, as well as costs associated with human error when inputting data. It can also save end customers up to 50% of the time in preparing and submitting an order, an often time-consuming process. Our clients have experienced customer sales increasing by 100% when utilising SwiftCloud.

What projects are you currently working on?

The SaaS world never stops still. Technology and legislation constantly change, so we are always innovating and improving our software to ensure it is compliant and also keeps up with our clients and their customers’ needs.

We are currently working on rolling out the app in other languages, to provide an international platform, which we have been trialling with a number of our global clients.

What made you move to the 3M BIC?

We moved into the 3M BIC in 2013, initially focusing our efforts on developing the initial product ready for market launch.

We already have multiple data centres for the live platform but can also utilise the internal infrastructure based at the 3M BIC.

Why do you like being based at the 3M BIC?

We’ve been able to flex at the 3M BIC as the business has flexed. As we’ve grown, we have been able to expand our working environment from one office to several offices.

As every business does, we’ve experienced a few challenges along the way and 3M BIC has supported us as we’ve addressed those challenges – the support has been fantastic.

We have also built great connections with other tenants such as a patent attorney and also taken advantage of the 3M BIC’s ties with the University of Huddersfield to run workshops for undergraduates of business and entrepreneurialism.

It’s an excellent location for our team.

What should we be looking out for in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry?

The B2B SaaS market is currently booming and is set to continue to rise over the next few years.

There are thousands of SaaS platforms available now for almost every business process, but the ones which will remain on top are the ones that become ingrained in a company’s core business culture.

Others it seems can be quick fixes that can easily become disposable ‘nice to haves’ which soon become irrelevant or unused once a certain project ends or an individual moves on.

At Adventoris we have identified three key attributes that are crucial for ensuring the success and longevity of any SaaS platform.

These are Accessibility, Adaptability, and Scalability.

Accessibility relates to not only the convenience of the platform, for example, can it be accessed on the go or across multiple platforms, but more importantly how user friendly the platform is.

The best platforms are often used by a variation of roles across the business, with diverse levels of skill, so the platform needs to be intelligent but not complicated – simple to use and comfortable to navigate.

Adaptability means the platform needs to be able to change with a business. For example, if the needs of a business changes over a short period of time such as a change in pricing strategy, or perhaps a new digital tool needs to be incorporated into the platform, the system needs to be able to handle that shift, as well as any unforeseen circumstantial change that may crop up.

Finally, with Scalability, the system needs to be able to grow with a business.

If the platform is ecommerce and the number of orders going through the system increases tenfold, the system needs to be able to cope with that without the risk of suddenly not working properly.

Regular updates and relentless development of new features and modules are crucial to ensure a system can keep up with growing businesses and ever-changing business requirements. Keeping an eye on those which can meet these attributes is a good indicator of the ones to watch.

What are the future plans for Adventoris?

We’re in the process of recruiting to expand our team even further, as well as creating a division that specifically focuses on nurturing relationships with our partners.

More information about Adventoris can be found here.



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