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3M BIC goes live with ultrafast fibre broadband

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We are now connected to Gigabit Huddersfield, a state-of-the-art, pure fibre optic network that delivers ultra-fast connectivity to businesses across Huddersfield. It will enhance the Centre’s commitment to help businesses innovate, grow and succeed, as tenants will benefit from affordable, gigabit speed internet services – up to 100 times faster than the national average.

Construction of Gigabit Huddersfield was completed earlier this year by CityFibre, a growing provider of wholesale fibre network infrastructure, working in partnership with Yorkshire’s largest communications provider Abzorb. It is part of the overall Gigabit City initiative, where a city or town is connected with an ultra-fast, pure fibre network that supports the current and future digital requirements of the entire city – from schools and hospitals to business and homes.

As well as faster connection to increase productivity, the 3M BIC and its tenants will also benefit from ultrafast uploads, remote data storing, more bandwidth to increase use of cloud services, as well as improved communication through cheaper, smarter VoIP telephony and video conferencing tools.

Long term plans will see 3M BIC tenants have the option to connect to their own individual fibre optic network direct to their offices, where they can benefit from varying speeds up to the maximum of 1,000Mbps.

3M BIC’s technology director, Michael Wilson, said: “Being able to access reliable, fast broadband is essential to any business in the modern global economy. Whether they are capturing and exchanging information or bringing real or virtual products and services to their clients, speed matters. With up to 60 independent fibre cores each capable of 1Gbps or more, 3M BIC tenants and visiting network members will be able to take their connectivity to the next level.”

Jason Petrou-Brown, CityFibre’s City Development Manager said: “We are delighted that the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre is now connected to CityFibre’s Gigabit Huddersfield Core network. The management team at 3M BIC set the bar extremely high for quality and have understood the need for future-proofed digital connectivity, so have jumped at the opportunity to make the 3M BIC one of the best connected in the country. Businesses working in the 3M BIC now benefit from pure fibre internet that is both ultrafast and reliable allowing them to increase their productivity and ultimately their profitability going forwards.”

Faruk Amin, Sales Director at Abzorb, said: “We are thrilled that the 3M BIC is now utilising our gigabit speed technology, allowing their tenants to benefit from ultra-fast upload and download speeds. The team at Abzorb will work closely with the management team at 3M BIC to help them to open up and develop next generation services that will allow the business to flourish.”

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